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My Book - IBS: Dietary Advice To Calm Your Gut

IBS: Dietary Advice To Calm Your Gut by Julie Thompson and Alex Gazzola (Low FODMAP and other diets)

Up to 15% of the population has IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), which often results in embarrassment, withdrawal from social and recreational activities and difficulties in relationships.

Positive and empowering, this book gives the reader the latest evidence-based developments in IBS, and advice as to management - especially diet. It explores a history of changes in the way we eat and asks whether modern diet may be responsible for 'gut problems'? It also covers lifestyle tips, managing stress, getting exercise, working, resting and playing well!

Topics include: 

What is IBS? Possible causes and history
Digestion - how it works 
Your current diet, including fibre, veganism and ethnic diets, other diets and their effectiveness for IBS including paleo, raw food, superfoods and other food trends. The 'cult' of detox and complementary therapies.
IBS triggers - dietary and digestive issues, food intolerances, etc 
Diets for IBS - Carbohydrate-aware diets (e.g. FODMAPs) etc 
Managing dietary changes - the practicalities 
Lifestyle changes in IBS - alcohol, smoking, exercise, weight, stress.
Supplements and whether these help or harm, pro/prebiotics, staying well and recipe suggestions
The future, ongoing research, and useful resources

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