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About Me

I am Julie Thompson, a state registered specialist gastroenterology dietitian, working in private practice, the NHS and I am diet advisor to The IBS Network, the UK charity for people with irritable bowel syndrome. My specialty is the dietary treatment of gut disorders such as irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, coeliac disease, lactose & fructose malabsorption, and multiple food intolerances. I also have experience in post-bariatric surgery and gastrointestinal surgery diets.

I am trained in the provision of general dietetics, the Low FODMAP diet, LOFFLEX diet for Crohn’s, the gluten-free diet, lactose and fructose free diets, other food intolerances and food hypersensitivity. I have experience in malabsorption and pancreatic problems, low residue and low fibre diets. For bariatric surgery, I have treated people who need texture modified diets low in fat, sugar and higher in protein and have experience in treating people after bowel surgery. I am a member of the British Dietetic Association Food Allergy & Intolerance Group and the Gastroenterology Specialist Group. Other professional work includes participating in the working group of the UK Dietary Guidelines for IBS and attendance at scoping meetings of the NICE Guidelines for Coeliac Disease. I also participated in the NICE quality standards for IBS, which should drive up standards of care for people with IBS within the NHS. Articles have been written for the British Journal of Nursing, Nurse Prescribing, Daily Mail, Guardian, Sainsbury’s Magazine, NHD magazine, GUT Reaction and I have also presented at the Allergy & Free From Show, Primary Care Exhibition and the IBS Network events.

I have had lots of experience in other areas of dietetics, so if you would like to know if I can help you, please get in touch.

Are there any circumstances where I cannot see someone? Yes, I do not treat young people under 16 years of age; you should see a paediatric dietitian in this situation. I also do not treat people with eating disorders or a history of eating disorders. The malnutrition that occurs with eating disorders can result in digestive symptoms, and the treatment should be to treat the malnutrition. Performing exclusion diets under these circumstances can be detrimental to long term health. See a dietitian specialising in eating disorders for treatment.

All information on this site is of a general nature and is based on UK based treatments and guidelines. Please see your local healthcare practitioner should you need more non-UK country-specific information.